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Scheme of Work - Contact

Lesson 1: Contact with the floor

This lesson explores the movement that can be created on the floor and ways to transition in and out of the floor. It is a great introduction if students aren’t used to floor work.

Lesson 2: Counterbalance with a partner

A lesson built around trust. Students explore their sense of weight and balance, and work as a team to complete the task.

Lesson 3: Lifts and weights sharing

A lesson built around trust. Students explore balance and working as a team to remain upright when exploring different movement tasks.

Lesson 4: In and out of floor

Students will learn four movements that move in and out of the floor and assemble a sequence using these transitioning skills.

Lesson 5: Travelling in contact with a partner

In this video Flavien and Simone demonstrate travelling whilst remaining in contact with each other.

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