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Scheme of work: Science

Lesson 1: Nature

This lesson looks at photosynthesis, and what plants need in order to grow. Learn about how plants need to remain rooted and for the branches and leaves to grow and reach for the light. Make letters with your body to spell the word ‘twist’. Explore pathways of roots and their systems.

Lesson 2: Nature

This lesson looks at Pollination- the production of seeds. It explores the life cycle of a plant from the awakening to the decline.

Lesson 3: Energy and States

This lesson looks at Magnets and Energy, experimenting with scientific theories to create movement. A fun way to create, using elastic bands and imagining that you are a magnet.

Lesson 4: Energy and States

This lesson looks at states and electric generators. Pretend you are an ice cube and the sun heats you up. Explore the cycle of icebergs and how they are formed. Build a generator to power 500 kettles. Be creative, have a go to see what you can come up with.

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