Welcome to MoovBank!

A free, digital dance platform, created by the world-renowned dance company, BalletBoyz.

The bank features high-quality dance content which gives audiences the opportunity to learn directly from professionals. You can find video dance lessons, step-by-step tutorials, games, creative tasks and exercise-from-home videos, but also clips, materials and interviews from the BalletBoyz company! All you have to do is sign-up, for FREE.

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Educational Content

This content is made with the National curriculum in mind, with material  suitable for all Key Stages. They can be incorporated into your dance, drama or PE lessons and can be adapted for a wide variety of ages!

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Enjoy our brand new videos based on the repertoire for Deluxe, which premiered in March 2020 and was broadcast on BBC Four. 

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Exercise from Home

Explore our range of exercise-from-home videos, made by all our fabulous Dance Artists. We've got everything from simple warm-ups to Street Dance, Ballet, and Yoga. 



We've got short dance films, captured stage performances, feature films, interviews and more for you to enjoy and get inspired by. Have a look! 

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Parkinson's CAN Dance

Inspired by our Parkinson's CAN Dance classes which we hold in our studios in Kingston, these seated exercises are great if you have limited mobility. 

Example Videos

Ballet Barre with Sean Flanagan

Game: Sausage roll

Creating 'Them' by the BalletBoyz dancers

Tutorial: 4 sets of 8 - Serpent