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What is MoovBank?

MoovBank is a unique online teaching platform for digital dance powered by BalletBoyz, offering;

  • Digital dance lessons
  • Games and creative tasks
  • Downloadable lesson plans
  • BalletBoyz’ on stage & screen
  • Live streamed events

Who is it for?

  • MoovBank features digital lessons for students aged 7 – 18 years
  • Designed for use by both specialist and non-dance teachers
  • It can be used by anyone who wants to access professional dance from anywhere!

What does it cost?

MoovBank is just £120 including VAT / sales tax for a year’s subscription.

Check out some sample videos and lesson plans in our Try it now section below.

To get a glimpse of all the content on offer, go to the Bank.

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7-11 years: Environments – Caves and Jungles

7-11 years: Science- Energy and States lesson 1

11-14 years: Contact counter balance with a partner

14+ years: Improvisation – Task 1

GAME: Sausage roll- Game

TUTORIAL: 4 sets of 8 Serpent

What you'll get

  • Digital dance lessons for students aged 7 - 18 years taught by BalletBoyz dancers
  • Games and creative tasks – fun and adaptable for any age/ability
  • Downloadable lesson plans – key stage specific with cross curricular links
  • Tutorials with the BalletBoyz – learn more about contact work and lifts with the pros
  • Access to BalletBoyz’ acclaimed full-length stage productions
  • Behind-the-scenes TV documentaries and films – BalletBoyz on and off stage
  • Interviews with acclaimed choreographers
  • Live streamed events - interact and watch the BalletBoyz live in action

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