A Teacher Resource Pack for Dance, Drama, Music and Theatre Studies

Key Stage 3, 4 and 5

Explore Rumpelstilzchen, the latest film by BalletBoyz, with your students...

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Rumpelstilzchen is the latest feature film by BalletBoyz. Bringing the spellbinding fairy tale to life in a playful, novel reimagining, the actors communicate the story through movement and gestural narration. The film features scenes that include a pool of tears, the transformation of straw into gold, a wild wedding reception and a spooky dance around a fireside. 


The unique nature of Rumpelstilzchen makes it relevant to teachers from all disciplines across the performing arts, including dance, drama, music and theatre studies. Rumpelstilzceh Revealed is a FREE digital resource pack, which includes access to watch the film, and enables teachers to delve in with their students to explore Rumpelstilzchen's groundbreaking non-verbal method of storytelling. The pack features: 

  • CREATIVE INSIGHTS - offering students the chance to hear directly from the film directors, movement directors, composers, production, make-up and costume designers through a mix of video interviews and Q&As. 

  • STUDENT TASKS - covering a range of subjects including dance, drama, music and design. 

  • MIND MAPS - ready-made materials and concise sources of information for teachers to refer to. 

  • HANDOUTS AND WORKSHEETS - ready-made resources for students to work from.

Watch the trailer for RUMPELSTILZCHEN