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Scheme of work: Environments

Lesson 1: Cameras and Gadgets

This lesson is a great way to explore student’s creativity around a theme. Looking at Grid walking, Security Cameras, Secret Greetings and Gadgets, it’s a great way to involve students in the creation of dance material when it is related to something they are used to on a daily basis.

Lesson 2: City Machines

This lesson looks at mirroring, making machines, group sequences, and ways to build bridges. Students will be able to create a piece in pairs and trios, using mirroring effectively and working as a team to make their machine function. They will learn a set phrase of material as a group and learn how to put the tasks together.

Lesson 3: Underwater Adventure

This lesson looks at the students taking control of the creation of their movement as a group. They will create movement quickly and develop their skills Students will all be able to lead the group and determine what comes next. This lesson looks at icebergs and waves. Give it a go!

Lesson 4: Caves and Jungles

We are visiting the Jungle in this lesson! Exploring small travelling movement’s to eventually building a whole jungle journey. This lesson needs imagination, what is your favourite Jungle animal?

Lesson 5: Mountain Ranges

You have nearly made it to the end of this lesson, but the last part needs the most strength! Let’s draw ourselves a mountain range and explore this with our partner or group. Once you have reached the top of the mountain, test the weight sharing within the group, but don’t fall off the top, keep your grip tight!

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