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Solos and Intentions - Marc and Brad

BalletBoyz Marc and Brad lead Solos and Intentions. This video is a breakdown of movement for students to learn. Brad then adapts Marc’s movement, by translating the movement intention to other body parts, applying various dynamics and changing direction.

Breath exercises for performances

Breath Exercise is footage of the BalletBoyz in rehearsal of Jarek Cemerek’s piece – Void. This video is a great example of how dancers can keep in time using noises associate with the movement instead of music accompaniment. The video then shows a comparison video of studio rehearsal to the on stage show.

BalletBoyz Repertoire - Serpent

Join Matt and Ed as they teach you four sets of eight taken directly from Liam Scarlett’s Serpent. This section of repertoire is referred to as ‘Thunder’ and is a technical phrase of movement that the dancers perform in unison.  Take this at your own speed and be sure to listen out for the teaching tips and guidance provided by the boys.

Join Ed and Harry as they break down four sets of eight taken from ‘Rabbit’, choreographed by Pontus Lidberg as part of the 2016 double bill, Life.

BalletBoyz Repertoire - Rabbit

Lifts - Hitch Hike Lift Part 1

The Hitch Hike Lift Part 1: This is a demonstration of a lift and a weight share, it is important that grips are secure before lifting. Lifting is a great opportunity for students to communicate.

Lifts - Hitch Hike Lift Part 2

Hitch Hike Part 2: this is a development of part 1, this is a basic example of how to develop a lifting idea, and a transfer of weight to one side of the body to the other. Once confident with one variation, try changing the transfer direction and see how this develops the lift.

Lifts - The Banana Lean

The Banana Lean is a great demonstration of trust and weight share. This is a great lift to start with, to establish where weight needs to be in order for both dancers to be stable.

Lifts - The Wrap

The Wrap Lift is a great starting point for students to establish a strong base and for the other to have their full weight in the hands of their partner.

Lifts - The Pike Wrap

The Pike Wrap is a development of the Wrap Lift. It is a demonstration of how a lift can easily be changed. This is by altering placing of grip and stance for it to create a lift with a completely new look.

Lifts - The Pendulum

The Pendulum is a more advanced lift, focusing on a strong base at a different level. It also involves one student releasing their weight onto their partner upside down, so it is important that waste grips are well established.

Lifts - The Cliffhanger

The Cliffhanger is a lift based on momentum in order to initiate. This lift requires the students to be very focused, trusting of their partner and willingness to experiment. This is a more advanced lift that may take a few attempts to achieve, but looks really great!

Lifts - The Pencil Lifts

The Pencil Lift is an advanced lift that is a great way to get your partner off the floor. It involves a great deal of communication between partners and a weight share to generate momentum.

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